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About Museum

Museum im. o. Emila Drobnego in Rybnik, situated in the Old City Hall in Rybnik’s square market, was brought to life in year 1970, evolving out of a communal collection into a national institution.
In 1992 the Museum became a municipal, cultural unit in Rybnik.

The Museum focuses on developing its collection, as well as conducting research, which includes the history and culture of both Rybnik and Upper Silesia in general.


These assignments are carried out by:



Department of Region’s History and Culture gathers a collection connected with history (including the history of industry), ethnography and art of Rybnik’s province, both from past and present times. The collection is divided into a few groups:

  • Art – professional and naïve;
  • Ethnography – connected with folk and urban culture of Rybnik and surrounding areas;
  • History of mining – development of industry, especially coal mining;
  • History – connected with the history of Rybnik and surrounding areas.






Department of Documentation, Education and Publicity is responsible for documenting Museum’s work, as well as education, publicity and publishing. Library gathers scientific literature that relates to fields researched by the Museum, especially concerning the history and culture of Upper Silesia (approximately 6.000 tomes).







Department of Craftsmanship’s History gathers a collection connected with rural, guild and travelling craftsmanship, both from past and present times in Upper Silesia and Zagłębie [Dąbrowa Basin]. The collection is divided into few groups:

  • Technical – tools and appliances that constitute the equipment of craftsmen workshops; craftsmanship products;
  • Historical – archives connected with the work of craftsmanship organizations (guilds, co-ops, unions), as well as individual craftsmen; specialist literature and craftsmanship artifacts (seals, chests);
  • Artistic – objects of artistic and artisan quality, products of precision industry (pocket watches).